What is T2T?

T2T is a revolutionary new way to train. It’s a workout session that takes a thoughtful, well-balanced approach to body conditioning. T2T trains the mind and simultaneously builds the body. It’s workout that uses innovative, proven training techniques and is structured to increase your strength and build your endurance, mobility, flexibility and stability. Our objective is to make you feel better and perform better.

Who Can Take T2T?

Everyone. You do not need to be a professional athlete. T2T trains individually in a group setting, utilizing the motivation of a group with the challenge of a performance coach. We customize movements that are specific to you and your functional life. T2T is structured to be appropriate for any age group at any fitness level. So regardless of whether you spend your time on the court or in front of a computer screen, these sessions are made for you.

Progressive Scholar Program

T2T is a proud member of the community. We work with local schools to help students who are at a particularly difficult time in their life. T2T offers these students free training as long as they continue to sustain As and Bs.

The T2T Progressive Scholar Program introduces students to all areas of athletic development in a fun and positive training environment. We focus on increasing movement awareness, coordination, speed and agility.

By targeting the growth spurt and natural changes that occur during an athlete’s life cycle, we focus on change of direction, acceleration, increasing movement awareness, coordination and power training. T2T develops an athlete’s flexibility to combat physical growth issues, as well as to enhance speed, strength, power, agility and stamina.

The Progressive Scholar Program is set up to help the youth build a solid athletic foundation and establish the building blocks for superior athleticism in all sports. A rigorous fitness routine provides structure to the student’s life and can often serve as a stabling force.

If you know of a worthy student or would like to donate to the program and help students in the local community, please contact me, Anthony Buck, at
Info@technique2training.nyc or 718-407- 9701.