Class Structure (ages 15 and up)

Each T2T session are designed for everyone, not just athletes. They are an hour in length and designed to focus the mind and strengthen the body using innovative, proven training techniques. Through a comprehensive approach that involves corrective exercises, power building, conditioning, recovery and physical therapy, we help people build proper foundations to become better athletes.

Our Sessions Include:

  • Pre-training evaluation
  • Bio-mechanics assessment
  • Speed and agility coaching
  • Corrective exercise techniques
  • Muscle conditioning with recovery
  • Power training for mobility, flexibility and stability
  • Performance testing
  • Sport-relevant applications, drills and conditioning
  • Innovative technical training and much more!

Performance Coaches are always available afterwards to address any questions.

Private training sessions with our Performance Coaches are available and the perfect way to advance ‘level up’ the fastest. The setting is also the best way to address any personal issues or questions you may have.

These sessions introduce the youngest of athletes to all areas of athletic development in a fun and positive training environment. We focus on increasing movement awareness, coordination, speed and agility. They are set up to help the youth build a solid athletic foundation and establish the building blocks for superior athleticism in all sports.

This program is designed to target the growth spurt and natural changes that occur during an athlete’s life cycle. We focus on change of direction, acceleration, increasing movement awareness, coordination and power training. We develop an athlete’s flexibility to combat physical growth issues, as well as to enhance speed, strength, power, agility and stamina

Level Up

Classes can get stagnant, which means they can get boring. T2T rewards your hard work.
The more you put in the more challenging your sessions. Our Performance Coaches analyze your strengths and imbalances and, based on your body’s feedback, determine where you need to improve. We recognize bad behavior patterns you didn’t know or feel you had. Our Performance Coaches learn your strengths and sees where you need improvement. The only thing that determines your success in a T2T session is how much you put in.
It’s up to you to take your workout to the next level.