Meet Your Performance Coach: JR

JR was never one to sit still. His entire life has been one long endurance test or physical activity. At two-years of age his uncle taught him how to swim at McCarren Park Pool. At five he studied Taekwondo at Taekwondo Academy in Brooklyn. He was not only a vigorous athlete, but a vehement student of all things physical.

At 15-years old, JR met Albert “Panama” Hall who became his boxing trainer. Being a fervid student, JR friended Roberto Vienes who wingmaned him to the Time Square 42nd Street Boxing Gym. His varied sports background gave JR an advantage in the ring; his techniques as a swimmer helped him to achieve the title of Two-Time NYC Golden Gloves Champion.

JR played professional basketball in Puerto Rico and continued to study Taekwondo. He flew to Korea with the American Taekwondo Federation in 1980 and as a 130-pound light weight, won a gold medal beating three-time Korean champion, Tommy Kim.

For six years JR lived in Thailand and studied a myriad of martial arts, yoga, meditation, natural healing methods and Western Muay Thai. His studies were so physically demanding they often left little time for his body to recover. Every day after practice, he had to dedicate time to recover in cold-tub baths that were given the fitting nickname The Torture Chamber.

Upon returning to New York, JR has worked as a trainer in Brooklyn for over 30 years. He built up his clientele to become a renowned mentor and trainer for professional athletes—including a NBA Champion—celebrities and children. Because of his extensive background in martial arts and sports, JR has versatile training methods to help everyone. For example, within just one year he helped a client go from 519-pounds to just 150-pounds.

From a small room at a Synagogue on Division Ave., JR began training his clients in a dedicated space in 2012. Because of his long and successful reputation as a trainer, JR needed more space and T2T could not be prouder to have him as our Senior Performance Coach.